After a total of seven deaths by the coronavirus COVID-19, the Indian government announced on 22 October. In March, an official blockade of 75 districts across the country until 31 March. March 2020.

This happened after the Indian Prime Minister informed the citizens on the 20th. March 22nd. March from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. to carry out a car quarantine all day, according to the BBC. It completely abandoned the second most populous country in the world. In retrospect, this one-day curfew is a practice that the government will introduce next week.

The blockade was decided at a meeting attended by senior officials and cabinet secretaries, after the country had registered the highest number of cases in a single day.

The total number of positive cases was 396 (including aliens), with the State of Maharashtra in charge with 69 cases.

Locking : Essential services will be allowed only in 75 districts that have reported confirmed cases related to #Covid19India: important decisions after review with the states by the Office of the Minister.

– K.S. Dhatwalia (@DG_PIB) 22. March 2020

During this lockout only the basic services work.

This will be in line with the Universal Service Enforcement Act (ESMA). State governments may extend the list of essential services on the basis of an assessment of the situation in their State. Although public transport is a basic service, all train, bus and metro connections have been suspended in order to prevent the spread of the global pandemic.

In the context of the need to curb the spread of the fatal COVID-19, agreement has been reached on the urgent extension of the restrictions on the circulation of non-essential passenger vehicles, including buses used for international transport, until 31 December 2007. March met, said an official from the Union Ministry of the Interior.

Global challenges

This happened at a time when several governments announced closures and blockades in different regions, depending on the seriousness of the situation. It also depends to a large extent on cooperation with the communities. Some highlights from around the world:

  • Italy has recently overtaken China with a record 5,476 deaths, a record 651 in the last 24 hours.
  • The United States currently ranks third in the number of reported coronation attacks.
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel has banned meetings of more than two people to prevent the spread.

There is growing concern about India’s willingness to test all symptomatic patients if the spread is out of control and people receive the virus without indicating how they got infected.

To address this problem, 60 private coronavirus testing centres have registered, and more are expected to register in the coming days.

Critical period ahead

It is expected that the coming weeks will be crucial for India, as it will have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes made by other countries in VIDOC-19. Although the increase in the number of confirmed cases has increased over the last week, serious preventive measures are being taken to counter the spread. The government believes that civic education is of the utmost importance and has recently established the Corona Helpdesk on WhatsApp, which answers questions via a chatbot on the hotline number.

The coming Indian summer can also be a blessing in disguise for the people of the country.

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