Anthony Yeshua awaits the third battle between Deontey Wilder and the wrath of Tyson.

Anthony Yeshua awaits the third battle between Deontey Wilder and the wrath of Tyson (Getty Images).

Anthony Yeshua is convinced that Deontay Wilder will not accept the step-by-step offer to avoid Tyson’s wrath.

The Bronze Bomber activated his point of revenge to set up a third fight with the Furies and give him a chance to win the WBC Heavyweight title, which he lost in February.

But it is suggested that Wilder and Kubrat Pulev, who died on the 20th. June, before the battle is postponed, must fight Yeshua, accepting the step-by-step proposals to open the way to Yeshua’s anger for unification.

But Yeshua insists that Wilder won’t accept such an offer.

When asked whether he considered Wilder’s prospect of accepting the offer of progressive support to be realistic, Yeshua replied that SI boxing with Chris Mannix : No, because I think the championship means a lot to these guys, I respect that. As much as I wish I could, I really doubt it.

I wouldn’t do that. Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

Deontey Wilder suffers his first career loss to Tyson Fury.

Deontey Wilder lost his first career to Tyson Fury (Getty Images).

But if a miracle happens and they both decide I don’t need a warm-up, I’m done.

Yeshua also talked at length about the game plan he would follow if he met Wilder in the ring.

I could say a lot of things, but I will only give the facts about this situation, Yeshua said.

Wilder had 10 defensive titles on that WBC belt, so I looked at the 10 defensive titles he had. He fought [Arthur] Stiletto, [Johann] Duhaupas, [Dominic] Braiseale, [Ortiz] twice, Rage twice, and Chris Arreola.

Deontey Wilder was stopped in seven laps by Tyson Fury.

Deontey Wilder was stopped in seven laps by Tyson Fury (AFP via Getty Images).

In those 10, I look at him and I say okay, cool. They have twice Tyson Fury and twice Ortiz, they are the best fighters for his defense and the four challenges he has taken on with the best fighters he has fought.

So, of course, I thought the anger would come back. He came back with a long shock, so I thought he’d come back to fix it.

I know what it means to be so close to him and take him out, so I thought Tyson Fury would do exactly what he’d do.

Tactically, I could have broken him, but from the way he did it, I think that when Deontey Wilder reaches the top, it will be hard for him to stay there, because he was brimming with mediocre fighting [for so long].

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At Deontay Wilder he is a long distance hunter, he usually puts people on his hind leg and really takes off his right arm, he flies.

What Tyson Fury apparently did was sit on his hind leg and step forward a bit to put Deontay Wilder on his hind leg, although I think Deontay Wilder fought on his hind leg to a certain extent, as we have seen in the various fights.

I think Tyson Fury analyzed his early fights and realized that if you removed his semi-porous injection and his good right hand, [Fury] slipped out of his right hand and shot. He had a better chance to beat Deontay Wilder. His tactics were excellent.

He didn’t have just one tactic, the tactic of his execution is something else, and he succeeded. After all that work, it was worth it.

Tyson Fury was crowned WBC heavyweight champion in Las Vegas.

Tyson Fury became WBC heavyweight champion in Las Vegas (AFP via Getty Images).

We now have two reigning heavyweight champions in the United Kingdom. Wilder, it would be good if he took a step aside. Pulev, it would be good if he withdraws and we start this fight [with anger], because this is the fight the world is crying out for.

Yeah, I would have fought him like I fought Tyson Fury! But I’ll be real, of course I’ll be real.

If you look in a warrior’s tool bag and I look in Deontay Wilder’s tool bag, he’s got the right hand, I say: How can we take that away from him? It’s hard for a fighter to project a strong right arm moving backwards, so we have to put him on the back leg and be dominant in that direction.

Deontey Wilder is looking for the WBC Heavyweight title in his third fight against Tyson Fury.

Deontey Wilder is looking for the WBC Heavyweight title in his third fight against Tyson Fury (Getty).

How do you take off his right arm when he’s on his foreleg? I want you to practice sliding and shooting in the head and protecting him with his guiding hand. It’s a tactic I’d use, and once I take that main weapon, there’s no problem.

I’ve never seen him hurt anyone with an uppercut, I’ve never seen him hurt anyone with his right hand on the body, with his left hook.

So when I look at his arsenal, I think if you push like that and take your right hand, you’re 75% on your way to victory.

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