A warrant has been issued for the Reverend Rodney Howard Brown from Tampa, Florida. Howard Brown, who prayed for President Donald Trump with Trump’s spiritual leader, Paula White (who led the Tampa Church without walls) after challenging the guiding principles of social distance and leading the service with hundreds of people gathered as sardines. Howard Brown manages the Tampa Bay River, which is extensively monitored online. The Church has 4,000 members, and although they broadcast their services live on the official YouTube channel, they continue to hold services with the children and even babies who visit the Church. Two divine services were held on Sunday, the first of which was attended by approximately 400 to 500 people.

The Hillsborough Chronister County Sheriff and District Attorney Andrew Warren held a joint press conference to raise the issue, explain the allegations facing Howard Brown and make it clear that the county is not against the faith but against the violation of an order-in council to ensure the safety of the community.

According to the press release, no more than 10 people are allowed to meet. Sheriff Chronister also said that several attempts to have Reverend Howard Brown follow the instructions and go on the internet have failed.

You can see a post on Facebook that Rodney Howard Brown has been sharing since 2017, when he and other spiritual leaders prayed in the Oval Office about President Donald Trump.

Yesterday was a very surreal day for @ahowardbrowne & I. 30 years ago we came to America as missionaries from South Africa…

Published by Rodney and Adonica Howard Brown on Tuesday the 11th. July 2017.

In addition to his bold worship services, Reverend Rodney Howard Brown uses his social media platforms to challenge government agencies and supports various conspiracy theories on his Twitter account.

Apparently Rodney Howard Brown doesn’t think the coronavirus pandemic is as serious as the scientific experts claim.

You can watch the press conference, which was held live on Monday morning, on the VCR below.

What do you think of this argument? Do you think Reverend Rodney Howard Brown should be arrested, or do you think it’s First Amendment?


Does the Church have the right to worship in the light of the global pandemic? Does the state or government have the right to prevent people from worshipping God in the way they choose? Stay with us to learn more about this evolving story. So far, President Donald Trump has not responded to the disagreements.


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