Covid-19 has almost erased the idea that it’s summer. From light, carefree dresses to the many tropical prints, from cashmere to playful polka shirts, we forgot how much we enjoyed our summer holiday in style. To bring back the joy of summer clothes, we asked some of India’s most sought-after models to make the most modern way forward at home. They were given a mood board and asked to cover their picture, do their hair and make-up, photograph themselves or ask for help from a family member with whom they are in quarantine. The results show that our models can repeat professional recordings with maximum ease.

Tashi Pedi (Creative Animation Management)

She is currently quarantined in Bhutan and has styled her summer look by cutting her boyfriend’s ripped jeans to make him wear shorts at the waist. The rest was used to cover his boots. We’ve learned that Vision’s style can help motivate people to think outside the box and be creative, she says. For the summit she used part of her national uniform, a wonju and a pin, to help the team cope with the collapse. His little sister clicked on the picture. I took the outfit off in more than five places before I found places with good lighting and atmosphere. Photographing a house was a challenge because I had to work with the people around me to create the atmosphere, she adds.


The model received this photo of his wife Kavita Harayat Kamble at his house in Mumbai on a lazy summer afternoon. With a unbuttoned red baseball shirt and printed harem pants he created the necessary drama with his long messy hair. I wanted to play with a red-white background. Summer days are all bright colors to me, he says.

Ansh Duggal

The model is equipped with a sports tank top with Jordans street pants. He’s even more excited about the fact that the shooting got him into those Jordanians. The shot was fired by his sister Vanya Duggal. My hair was very soft for me, so I didn’t have to do much to cut it, he said.

Cheryl Bennett (creative director Anima)

Cheryl wore a floral skirt, combined with a loose yellow t-shirt and a plush scarf over her head, which she tied around her head and braided and put on during the storm. The shot was fired by his mother Rosama Francis. The color yellow with a colorfully printed skirt summarizes our summer mood.

Adarsh Raj (Purple Thoughts)

Model Adarsh Raj showed his newly discovered love for this Bassley shirt, which he combined with a tracksuit pants. The shoe manufacturer wanted to make sure that his love for sneakers also came into the picture, so that the shoeboxes behind the sneakers would show his valuables. The shot was fired by his brother.

Dipty Pavar (creative management of anima)

For the model Dipti Pavar, his favourite occupation in the forties was spending time with his pet. During the summer holidays we are supposed to chill out in this black strip gala androgynous chic and wrap her hair in a towel, this shot we took from her cousin Deepak Pavar.

Palak Singhal (Purple Thoughts)

I like to disguise myself wherever possible, and the fact that I am in my 40s has given me enough reason to do so and cheer myself up, Palak said. Clary wanted to increase the level of dynamics on the set and decided to wear a neon orange dress with one sleeve with slits on the thigh. A necklace of virgin pearls gives magic. The shot was fired by his sister.

Sharan Mahtani (TFM)

Model Sharan Mahtani’s mother Vanita Mahtani turned her photographer around for a day and posed her on her terrace in a black printed shirt combined with black trousers and a pair of sneakers.


The concept: Akshai Caushal

the design: Improvised models

Coordination of the models : Creative Direction Anima, TMM, Violet Thoughts