To prevent the spread of Kovid-19, most of us work at home (RVN) and isolate ourselves. However, it is also important to take into account the effects on mental health of unlimited quarantine. After all, an empty mind is the devil’s workshop.

Boredom and isolation will be a disaster; people in quarantine need advice on what to do to avoid boredom and practical tips on how to deal with stress, according to an article published in the February 2020 issue of the Lancet Medical Journal. says Vikram Berry, founder of BetterLYF : Depression contributes to anxiety, and it can easily overwhelm our minds and affect our cognitive performance. Irrational decisions affect personal care, irritability affects relationships and anxiety affects our physical health. All this can make this period difficult. He goes on to say: For outgoing people, social isolation and middle age can drain their energy and affect their emotional and mental well-being. Today, in addition to physical health care, emotional health must also be a priority.

Relationship with loneliness

Ankit Verma, 33, an advertising expert from Goregaon, Mumbai, considers himself an extrovert. He says: I like to meet friends. If this takes too long, I’ll go crazy. To tackle this, Ankit organised a party in a quarantine house that was live on Instagram. My friend and I were bored in our houses, and we thought, why not have a party in the quarantine house? I put the story on Instagram to tell my friends, and around 3:30 pm we went live and started dancing. Others participated, offered songs and danced at home. I got the idea because I missed my friends and camaraderie, Ankit says.

Ankit Verma
Photo : Instagram/Videoankit

Although this is one way to solve the quarantine problem, says Nevin Thomas of Chennai, who has been in self-quarantine for a week: A lot of people think it’s easier for me, an introverted person, to be alone. But it’s not. I miss the 5 kilometer walk, the short talk with the tea drinker and the fresh air. It is generally accepted that introverts will find this easier. But it’s hard for everyone.

Nevin, who finally got the chance to test how Tiktok drool, how people use the application creatively. Inspired he made a short video with Photoshop. The 29-year-old girl used a popular gift from the Narcos TV show with Pablo Escobar. Nevin cut his head on a photo of Lone Pablo Meme. As sound effects he used the Lonely Acon as a background voice for the video. I struggle with all that isolation, but the good thing is that I feel in my element again, he laughs.

Nevin Thomas
: Instagram/Nevintitus

Rest and quarantine

Social alienation can affect mental health if it lasts long, said Kawita Munji, a Mumbai-based consultant. She goes on to say: The psychological strength varies from person to person, and people living alone without a family can suffer. They must continue to communicate with family members and with the outside world through social networks.

Jitanjali Saxena, another mental health specialist in the city, cited cases of patients with coronavirus infections reportedly escaping quarantine: It is the isolation that causes most people to flee hospitals because they cannot accept the reality of self-quarantine. People are afraid to be alone.

Online Rescue Therapy

The two sisters trying to influence through an online platform, Mudita and Divya Chandra, encourage people to seek help. During the pandemic, we worked with individuals and private groups on Whatsapp and encouraged online dating through platforms such as Zoom, Divya said. They claim to belong to a large number of private groups, ranging in number from 60 to over 600, with ages 25 to 35 for men and 30 to 70 for women. The Indians, in particular, are very socially orientated and rely heavily on the people around us for confirmation, Divya said and added: Thousands of studies show that stress significantly weakens the immune system. So we have 16 sessions in 3 days, all in the style of a master class, and not just people who share their opinion. Audit and I see each session as a transforming experience and ask our experts to deliver two or three concrete tools so that the audience can take something home with them.

The BetterLYF online consulting platform has more than 15 experts with a master’s degree in psychology. Even here, most of them are people between the ages of 20 and 45 who are digging in this area. In the past ten days we have seen a 30% growth in the number of new customers, which is roughly in line with the statistics for the rest of the world. In addition, the number of customers who return because of the Covid-19 or who correspond with our consultant on a daily basis to worry about anxiety, insecurity and disturbances in daily life has increased by 15 percent, says Beri.