AB de Villiers has also indicated that it wants to take its place on the site and does not want any special treatment.


Published – 13. April 2020. 12:17 ч. | Update – 13. April 2020. 12:17.

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AB de Villiers (Photo: Gareth Copley/Getty Pictures)

The appearance of the coronavirus put events in the cricket tent under a big question mark. While the Indian Premier League (IPL) threatens to be cancelled this year, the upcoming ICC T20 Men’s World Championship in Australia also seems to be in trouble. The start of the major event is scheduled for 18 October, but the current pandemic has prompted the ICC to reconsider the organisation of the tournament.

Moreover, the current situation is contrary to AB de Villiers’ plans to return to international cricket. Not so long ago, despite talks with the new head coach Mark Busher, he expressed the wish to reintroduce the South African T-shirt in the run-up to the T20 World Championship. However, De Villiers is not sure of his return if the World Championship is postponed until next year.

The 36-year-old made it clear that he didn’t want to raise false hopes and that he wasn’t sure that his body would support him next year. AB de Villiers stated that he is currently available, although he fears a commitment for 2021.

I don’t see six months in the future. If the tournament is postponed until next year, a lot will change. At the moment I feel available, but at the same time I don’t know how my body will see it or whether I will be healthy at that moment.

… I may have to tell Bush (Coach Mark Bush) that I was wondering if I wanted to play a role, but I can’t play myself. I fear such commitment and raising false hopes, he said in a speech for Sunday’s African newspaper report.

I don’t want special treatment, says AB de Villiers.

AB de Villiers remembers what happened at the world championship last year. Following reports that he was available shortly before the selection of the mega event group, many claimed that, despite his resignation, he had taken his place in the team for good. That’s why the former captain of the Proteas wants to come back because of his capabilities and doesn’t want to be privileged.

I’m not sure I can give an exact answer because I’ve been very hurt and burned in the past. Then people will think I’ve turned my back on our country again. I can’t just join the team. I have to work for my house and earn it. I suffered a lot last year when people thought I had a place for me. I feel accessible and I will try to use everything I have, but I don’t want any special treatment, De Villiers added.