Chloe Kardashian cannot escape the rumors that he and Tristan Thompson have been secretly back together again since December, and now that he is in quarantine with her, many are convinced that they are back together again. With 90% of the country isolated by the coronavirus pandemic, some fans were surprised to see Tristan Thompson with Chloe and her future two-year-old daughter, the Thompson Truth. For the first time there were rumors that Chloe and Tristan were reunited when they were together during the holidays, and Chloe shared a family photo with Tristan at Christmas. Tristan also left many comments on Chloe’s photographs, making it clear to the world that he was not only interested in her. Chloe and Tristan divorced in February 2019 after a kissing scandal with Jordyn Woods.

The real Thompson’s birthday is the 12th. April 2020, same day as Easter Sunday. It is true that Tristan and Chloe are going to spend Easter and their daughter’s birthday together, and because they spend so much time together, many people think there is more going on than just trying to be a cover for their daughter.

Considering that the quarantine of the coronavirus is a time when some couples will do anything to escape their partner, the simple fact that Tristan and Chloe are lucky enough to be in the same villa says a lot about the current state of their relationship.

What’s more, Chloe hasn’t met anyone in public since her divorce from Tristan, or even suggested that she wanted to find someone new. For these reasons, many people think Tristan and Chloe will be together again for at least four months!

The truth will celebrate her second birthday without her cousins, unless the family decides to get together and stay within three meters of each other. It seems unlikely, but Kim Kardashian has asked her mother to come and even have her younger sister Kylie Jenner made up. As for the KarJenners, if there is a will, there is a way – if they want to get together, they will find a way.


What do you think of Chloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson? Do you think they’re being quarantined because of the true Thompson, or do you think they’re back together again as family?


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