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Kinthez Cefus plays in the Cup of Roses.

At the end of the 2020 NFL draft, Detroit dropped the Lyons Kintez Cefus, and that move could turn into a robbery if people with the player’s talent were right.

It is interesting to note that Cefus made another comparison with a professional, but this is especially remarkable considering the talent of the player. According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, a former coach of Cephus in Wisconsin thinks he is different from Jarvis Landry, who is known to Cleveland Brownes.

In an interview with Birkett, Ted Gilmore, who currently coaches in Michigan and a former NFL player, explains that some of the characteristics of Cefus are similar to those of Landry. He noticed this when he thought of the work he was doing to prepare the design with Raiders and train Cephus at the university.

Here’s the explanation:

Gilmore left the Raiders for Wisconsin after the 2014 season, while Badger’s Cefus lured them to campus a year later. The pigeon was a little bigger than Landry, just as persistent, and also worried about the speed, which forced Gilmore to make an immediate comparison.

More than anything else, it’s just the way he played the game, Gilmore said. Here’s a guy who didn’t run as fast as (other guys), but still managed, and that’s why he did it, because he loved football and competition.

While the comparison between Cefus and Landry isn’t entirely accurate – Landry has played most of his career, while Gilmore has stated that Cefus is the most likely recipient X of the NFL – Gilmore likes to take a broader view.

(Quintez) is a power game in which he may not be the fastest, but he has enough speed and with his strength and control over his body can create the same space and distribution, he said. But he really has spasms. Rapid shocks and sudden motor skills he must possess along with his strength… and his competitive spirit, even when he’s in these tense reporting situations, he’ll earn his share of those 50-50, random balls.

In fact, Cefus is described in the design as one of the best in his class, which should help him considerably as it pushes him to get on the Detroit list and make a difference. He has the calibre and ability to become one of the best exponents of the class when he reaches his potential, even if he has been neglected in the process.

Lions can only hope that the pigeon will become a professional.

Summary of Cefus versus Famer Room in NFL

Landry isn’t the only name Cefus is named with. Although Cephus may have chosen only the fifth. In the second round, NFL.com reporter Gil Brandt noted a high value. Brandt said he thinks Cefus is a good choice for the Lions and believes he has a physical resemblance to Michael Irwin, the former Wide Circle of Dallas Cowboys. Irwin went to 1. Round and Cefus went there later, but there are similarities in the eyes of someone who officially belongs to the staff.

I love the choice of the Wisconsin WR Quintez Cephus Lions. I told you, because of its size and speed, it’s reminiscent of a young Michael Irwin. The ten largest central banks said it was the hardest to protect. If it would have worked better on the combination, it would have been much higher (4.73).

– Gil Brandt (@Gil_Brandt) 25. April 2020

That’s a lot of praise for Cefus, but it’s interesting to note that his new teammate, Jeff Okuda, said that Cefus was the best player he competed with in college and the one who helped him develop his game in the corners. It is clear that the players will now constantly compete with each other.

Jeff Okuda called Quintus Cefus the coolest catcher in college. They’re teammates now.

– Justin Rogers (@Justin_Rogers) 25. April 2020

Jeff Okuda: Kinthez Cefus from Wisconsin, I think he’s the best catcher I’ve ever seen. No matter how old he was. Football plays between the lines and it’s a technician who changes his plan every week.

– Chris Burke (@ChrisBurkeNFL) 25. April 2020.

It will be interesting to see how far Voice and Ocuda can help each other and if Voice can take his place among the best in the league, as Brandt thinks.

Summary of Cefus statistics

At the university, Cefus scored 1,496 yards and 9 touchdowns in a badger attack. He is a player who has some potential that can be developed into something more, and given that the Lions will have to miss in the future, perhaps they can make a few shots in position in the middle and at the end of the round.

Cefus didn’t have a fast run in the NFL crusher with a 4.7, but he improved early on in his pro-day in Wisconsin. More than speed, Cephus’ ability to create good routes and decent catches is impressive. He can thus become a solid professional who will play in the competition.

Whatever his opponent is, Cefus must now enter the competition and find a way to hold on.

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