Many Mahabharat fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Dvapar South cooler than the 20th century desert. I’ve never seen anything like it. A scene from a favorite epic shows Bhishma Pitam Mukesh Hanna sitting next to what looks like an air cooler, and there was a day’s work with an idiot on Twitter.

Many remembered a similar incident last year, when fans of the throne game noticed a coffee cup to go in one episode and a steel bottle in the other. Bhishma did this before the start of the war, one of them wrote. The air cooler of Bhishma Pitama krre hai, wrote another. The Starbucks Cup in the Gulf is nothing compared to Bhisma Pitamach’s cooler in #Mahabharat, read another tweet. Soon a few memes landed on the cooler on the internet. Look at her:

Bhishma Pitama with air cooler

Oh bhai maro mujhe maro

– Sayaara (@BeingKushSharma) 21. April 2020.

The Starbucks Cup in GOT is nothing compared to the cooler for Bhisma Pitamaha in #Mahabharat

– C O N F U J I T (@SurajitTweet) 23. April 2020.

The use of a cooler at Bhishma Pitamaha is proof that the Mahabharata was way ahead of its time.

– Bart (@TheBeardestGuy) 23. April 2020.

It’s so hot that even Bhishma Pitamaha can feel the heat. What could be better than an air cooler behind his throne #MahabharatOnDDBharti @DDDNational @RetroDD

– Dipankar Sadekar (@Dippy_S) 23. April 2020

However, it seems that this time the conclusions are really hasty. At the end of the rumors, several fans of the series stated that what looks like a desert cooler is in fact only an accessory with a whimsical design. Different pictures from different angles prove the same. It turns out that the Mahabharata crew was much more careful to leave random modern elements on stage than HBO.

His pole isn’t colder.

The cooler behind Bhishma Pitamah in the Mahabharata is reminiscent of the notes on the game for the trophy of the fiasco

– ujjjwal bhalla (@UjjwalBhalla) 23. April 2020.

Mahabharata’s programmes are broadcast on Doordarshan under blockade throughout the country. With the new generation of networked clock programs, broadcast for the first time on social networks, many people share daily memes and humorous program updates online.

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At the request of the public, Doordarshan decided to return the old epic of the 80s and 90s, the Ramayan and the Mahabharat. When the show pushed DD to the top of the TRP charts, it brought more nostalgia to the small screen and brought back other shows like Buniyaad and Circus. Other channels such as ZeeTV and Colors have also started broadcasting old popular programmes such as Hum Paanch and Balika Vadhu, inspired by the success of DD.