Tensions on the border with China and an increase in the number of coronavirus cases throughout the country meant that Indian stocks hit bottom on Wednesday after a failed trade session. The major Asian markets have also taken a cautious turn with new cases of the coronavirus and the increase in troops on the borders of North and South Korea. Investors are concerned about the possible imposition of economic or trade sanctions. For the rest of the news in five minutes, here’s the Light Mint.

Two more PAA MPs to receive Covid-19s.

According to member of parliament AAP Atishi, the Minister of Health of Delhi, Satiendar Jain, announced a positive result on Covid-19 on Wednesday. Jane met with senior Delhi government officials last week, including Prime Minister Arvind Keyriwal. Jane also attended a meeting with EU Interior Minister Amit Shah. Atishi, representing the Calcagia Assembly constituency, is the fourth PMC in Delhi to pass the Kovid 19 test with a positive result, including PMC Carol Bagha Vishesh Ravi, PMC Patel Nagar Rajkumar Anand and PMC Shakur Basti. To increase the capacity of the bunk beds in the capital, Delhi is working on the purchase of the world’s largest childcare facility, covid-19, and is converting 500 railway wagons into isolation stations. The Radha Soami Spiritual Centre in South Delhi, with 22 soccer fields, has been transformed into a nursing home with 10,000 beds. With more than 1,850 new cases, Delhi covid-19 is approaching the cape of 45,000.

The doctors want more evidence.

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Photo: Reuters

The World Health Organization said it will update its clinical guidelines for the treatment of patients with Covid-19 after research has shown that conventional steroids can help save seriously ill patients. On Tuesday, the results of the study showed that dexamethasone, which is used to reduce inflammation in diseases such as arthritis, reduced mortality among the most seriously ill by about a third. Although the results of the dexamethasone study are preliminary, the researchers behind the project said the drug should become standard treatment. However, the American doctors are not too sure of the results. We’ve already achieved exciting results when access to data was not so restrictive, Catherine Hibbert, director of critical care at Harvard General Hospital in Massachusetts, told Reuters. Earlier this month the British medical journal Lancet withdrew an influential study on Covid 19 due to concerns about the data.

India pays more for its gasoline

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According to the International Energy Agency, Indian consumers have always paid more for gasoline than other emerging markets and some developed countries (see figure). In 2019, the average global petrol price was $0.91 per litre, 2% less than in 018, but India paid $1.08 per litre. Prices rose by almost 5 rupees per litre after nine days of increase. Energy prices play an important role in ensuring industrial competitiveness and influence energy consumption patterns. Consumer prices are influenced both by changes in commodity markets and political decisions. With oil prices on the world market falling, fuel has become a profitable source of income for the Centre and maximises oil-related revenues. Fuel is one of the most taxable goods in India and a price reduction seems unlikely for the time being.

increased tensions in Korea

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The day after the explosion of the liaison office that North Korea used to improve relations with the South, the North Korean army announced that it would send troops to the unarmed areas along the border. The extermination was a retaliatory measure after a group of deserters used balloons to send anti-Korean leaflets north of the demilitarized zone. North Korea claimed that the leaflets violated the 2018 agreement when the two leaders agreed to cease all hostilities and eliminate their resources, including loudspeaker broadcasts and leaflets along their common border. On Wednesday, a state media report accused the Southerners of behaving like a mongrel dog. This escalation will seriously hamper a more sustainable reconciliation with the North and will further complicate the already stalled US efforts to convince Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear and missile programme.

Free trade negotiations between the United Kingdom and New Zealand, Australia

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Photo: Bloomberg

Following its withdrawal from the European Union, the United Kingdom formally opened Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with Australia and New Zealand. The United Kingdom has announced that brexite offers the opportunity to deepen its trading relationships with its global partners. Speaking on Wednesday, Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said the country, which has begun to ease restrictions on Covid 19 despite an increase in the number of cases, is ready to help Britain find new business in Braxite while opening new doors for our farmers, businesses and investors in the post-Crown world. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the new partnership will contribute to recovery and reconstruction after the impact of Kovid-19. Negotiations began at a time when Ardern ordered the defence force to monitor the country’s quarantine facilities after an error allowed two men with the coronavirus to move into the country. A week ago New Zealand celebrated the release of the coronavirus.

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