Recently, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jong warned the South of the serious consequences if it doesn’t put a leash on those who send leaflets across the border. She has recently become a singer and has a lot of influence in the country. The last solution is to immediately stop all forms of communication with the neighbour. Pyongyang discussed the propaganda of exhaust balloons flying from South Korea to his territory. The North blames the abandoned activists for this state of affairs and wants Seoul to stop these activities. Observers believe this may be Pyongyang’s pressure to get concessions from Seoul.

On Tuesday, North Korea said it would break all lines of communication with South Korea, including military lines, as it vowed to treat South Korea as an enemy

– 8. The New York Times (@nytimes) 9. The New York Times. June 2020.

According to NBC News, Pyongyang has announced its decision to cease all communication with Seoul. According to analysts, this could be an attempt to create a crisis and force the South to make concessions. It seems Kim Yo-jung has not hesitated to call South Korea an enemy. This issue may be linked to the inter-Korean negotiations, which stalled even after several high-level summits in 2018. The North Korean state media say that South Korea has enraged and cornered the North Korean people with its actions.

North Korea has taken the first step

A spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Defence confirmed that the North has taken the first step by cutting off important lines of communication. This is a matter between the leaders of the two countries and their military. The lines were reactivated in 2018 and on Tuesday morning North Korea did not respond to the military hotline.

This was the first case since 2018. It is clear that this kind of action isolates the two Koreas. said an official of the South Korean Ministry of Unification: The line of communication between South and North Korea… …must be maintained as agreed…

North Korea says it will cut communication channels with South Korea by increasing pressure on South Korea for not preventing activists from launching anti-Pyongyang balloons with pamphlets across the border

– 7. Associated Press (@AP) 8. June 2020.

NBC News emphasizes the growing influence of Kim Yo-young in North Korean affairs.

She is the sister of Kim Jong-un and represented him at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. She then made several statements about South Korea and President Donald Trump. Lately there have been rumours about her brother’s health problems and she is considered a potential successor. Recently she started talking about the propaganda leaflets that cross the border with the country. Moreover, the shortening and restoration of communication lines between North and South are not new. Some see this as an obstacle to reaching an agreement.

Sanctions remain a concern for North Korea

North Korea is seeking assistance from the sanctuaries imposed on it as a result of activities related to its nuclear programmes.

Kim Jong-un met Donald Trump several times to find a solution. NBC News mentions their meetings, but the problem remains. America wants North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, while Kim’s priority is to lift the sanctions because they harm the economy. The hermitage kingdom is trying to put pressure on South Korea to follow a softer line than the White House. North Korea may be trying to increase tensions by disrupting communication links.

North Korea regards South Korea as an enemy.

According to the BBC, North Korea calls its neighbour South Korea the enemy. One of the first measures was to cut off all inter-Korean lines of communication with the South.

It also includes a telephone line between the leaders of two Koreas. The two men set up a liaison office in the border town of Kaesong, North Korea. Their aim was to defuse the tensions following the 2018 negotiations. This office will also cease to exist. Last week Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong-un’s sister, threatened to close her office if the South did nothing to prevent the sending of propaganda leaflets to the North. She described it as a hostile act in violation of the 2018 peace agreements. It was the summit in Panmunjom between the two heads of state Moon Jae In and Kim Jong-un.

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