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In a video on Instagram, Shefali Shah encouraged people to stay at home during an outbreak of the coronavirus.

Updated VAT : 26. March 2020 07:18 TST

Shefali Shah made a strong statement in a video distributed on Instagram to draw attention to the coronavirus.

As part of the Covida 19 epidemic in India, Delhi actor Shefali Shah placed a plastic bag over his face to demonstrate the effect of the coronavirus on his lungs. She tweeted to show a video of her carrying a plastic bag over her face. She posted a warning video.

Security alert: TREE THIS NOT TREE THIS! #CoronaVirus #CoronaDiaries #OneDayAtATATime #LivingWithCOVID19#LifeInTheTimesOfCorona #LoveinTheTimesOfCorona#LockDown, she writes in her post.

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The video shows how the virus infects the body and how the lungs feel trapped.

This is how your lungs will feel when Covid-19 enters your lungs and the virus starts to grow. So we have no choice but to deal with it. Stay home and do it for your safety, for the safety of your family, for the safety of your friends, because somebody there will catch it, it will spread like a forest fire. I’ve done it before. If that’s not enough warning, I don’t know what’s there, Shefali said on the video.

I can’t breathe. And soon, as it spreads, many of us, many of the people we love, will not be able to breathe, she added.


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