Although he is no longer a member of the New England Patriots, former quarterback Tom Brady remains in contact with his former team. On Tuesday, Brady Patriot welcomed Robert Kraft for his decision to donate his Super Bowl LI ring as part of the ALL Challenge, a fundraising campaign initiated by Michael Rubin, co-owner of Philadelphia 76, to address food security concerns. In a video message, Kraft said the Super Bowl ring was very special to him, as the Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons. We fell 28:3 (in the third quarter) and had a 99.6% (chance) to lose.

And we came back and we won, Craft said. The team boss said he wanted to donate something extremely valuable to support health workers across the country, so he decided to donate the LI Super Bowl to support the cause.

Kraft offersRing for the LI Super Bowl.

So I thought it would be a good idea to give this ring to our fifth Super Bowl win because it shows how we came back, he said. Kraft said the winner of the tender will be flown to New England to receive the ring in person. The auction started at $75,000, but since Monday the bid has risen to $330,000. Kraft’s generosity attracted Brady’s attention when he congratulated his former boss on his success. I love it! Excellent work, RKK, wrote Brady on the Instagram Report of the Patriots, according to Adam London of the New England Sports Network (NESN), Brady himself took part in the ALL Challenge, four tickets to the Tampa Bay 2020 Buccaneers open house, the choice of a private dinner and personal post-game training with Brady in the Tampa area, his first T-shirt and Under Armour playing shoes.

Brady’s bid raised $800,000. Brady recently signed a two-year, $50 million off-season contract with booksellers in Tampa Bay after 20 years in New England. The Patriots should vote Brady Jarrett Stidham as a starter for the next season.

Brady praises Seymour for his honour

Brady also congratulated former defensive line Richard Seymour on his election to the Patriots’ Hall of Fame. Dear Big Sey! Congratulations and one of the original Ejers!!! Brady commented on the official Patriots page on Instagram. Patriot head coach Bill Belichik also praised Seymour in his speech and congratulated him on his contribution to the first three New England Super Cups.

Seymour was selected by the Patriots in the first round of the NFL draft in 2001 and played for New England for eight years before being sent to the Oakland Raiders. In a report from NESN’s Zack Cox, Seymour said he and Belishik are doing well. According to Seymour, he understood that Belichick’s decision to exchange him for Auckland was purely professional and had nothing to do with personal matters. Personally, it was always a lot of respect, Seymour said and added that Belishik will always send Christmas presents and little things like this to the children.

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