Western World Season 3 Episode 5

Was the genre a sound mistake for the Western world… or was it the beginning of something new? (photo: HBO)

*Warning: The mail contains spoilers for season 3 of Westworld.

After last week’s dramatic revelations, when the riddles of the series were finally solved (Hello, Charlotte Hale!), it was pretty clear to all viewers that the next episode of Westworld would lose quality.

But the genre remains a strange beast – a story whose partial origin lies with the sinister Serak (Vincent Cassel) and his all-powerful AI Solomon, and a partial change of tone like that of Caleb (Aaron Paul) is blown up with substance, hallucinating events as if they were part of different cinematic genres.

What he missed this week, however, he filled with pieces that had been lost from context, eventually adapted and was big for the human world, hinting that there will be big narrative pieces for sale when the season ends.

Caleb has a hidden past and a personality. I’m sorry, what?!.

Aaron Paul Westveld

What’s Caleb hiding from us and from himself? (photo: HBO)

Ever since he was introduced to us, we’ve known that Caleb Aaron Paul is a man with a dark past.

We have seen flashes of his military past, and the death of a friend (rapper Kid Kudi) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) have already told Caleb that the IA, which will be the main administrator of human society in the future, has calculated that one day his PTSD will force him to commit suicide.

But this week we found out that’s not all that matters. When Caleb had Liam Dempsey’s (John Gallagher, Jr.) mortally wounded technological heir in his hands, he apparently realized at the last moment and hinted with his last breath that he knew who Caleb was.

Who does he think I am? Caleb asked, and that’s the question we all want an answer to: TUBERCULOSIS. What did he do in his past that was so traumatic it was erased? Apparently he’s been involved in military executions – so it doesn’t seem like a good secret when it comes out, sorry.

Was the starting point of the genre an interesting experiment or a sound error?

Western Season 3

Has this experiment gone too far? (photo: HBO)

The western world is in danger, for better or worse. Of course, in the past this has worked in the show’s favour – think of a striking episode of Akane no Mai – but we can’t help it that tonight we had to make a bet that simply didn’t pay off.

But you can’t say it wasn’t a romantic idea – Caleb was wrapped in a strange drug that saw the events from his point of view, constructed by a certain kind of cinema – whether it’s noir, action or romantic comedy.

It was actually an amusing suspicion that seemed strange because it went completely against the current: the third season reset has stalled so far.

Unfortunately, all this reminds us of the time when the Pretty Little Liars made a noisy episode in a movie, and no, we never thought we’d compare Westworld to the Pretty Little Liars.

Let’s just write that down and try it out, huh?

Dolores saved – or saved – Solomon’s humanity?

Western Season 3

Liam got in the middle of Dolores and Bernard’s sandwich (Photo: HBO).

The great event of this episode is what we think the authors had of course saved before the end of season 3 – Dolores finally took control of Solomon’s AI and spread his data around the world, revealing his algorithm and predicting the future of individuals, of every person on the planet.

This was the only logical step in Dolores’ plan, both to overthrow Serak and to get closer to the destabilization of human society – but now we have to ask ourselves how to proceed.

Liam was sublime when he told Dolores that she wouldn’t really save mankind – that people couldn’t face Solomon’s predictions, and of course it seemed that Los Angeles had plunged into chaos.

But again, the show could draw parallels between their android masters and their human masters, who are now free of their constructed cells.

What will Serak do for revenge?

Western Season 3

Serak’s story was revealed this week (Photo: HBO).

Most of this season’s episode was dedicated to the polite businessman and the big bad Serak (Vincent Kassel).

Due to nuclear fallout (we assume this is the cause of the destruction of Paris, as was suggested last week…) Serak and his older brother finally developed the very first Solomon, an AI that writes an algorithm to predict the future.

We now know that Serak would do anything to protect his invention – he killed his older brother and sister and Liam’s father. With Solomon’s knowledge being unleashed around the world… What’s his next move?

We hope Mave had the samurai sword handy…

Caleb and Dolores… …are in love?

Western Season 3

The truth doesn’t always set you free (Photo: HBO).

We couldn’t decide whether it was a distraction or not, but we recorded it here because the end of the episode convinced us otherwise.

It seems trite, almost for a show like Westworld, to record something as ordinary as a love story, but it’s really like where we’re going with Dolores and Caleb, isn’t it?

Their dialogue at the end of the episode, in which they realized that they had more in common than they initially thought, went well, just like with Caleb who for the first time clearly looked at Dolores because he was influenced by the genre (and was in the middle of a romantic comedy).

Of course, Caleb knows now that Dolores isn’t human, so it’s not a standard love story, is it? Poor Teddy!

Westworld III will continue in the Atlantic air over Great Britain tonight at 9pm.

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