We need to do some marketing with the last two checks. png

(via The Athletic).

In the midst of a global pandemic, countless people around the world lose their jobs or are forced to work for weeks without pay. Among them are Danny Green and other NBA players who may have already received their last paychecks from the NBA this season.

In ESPN’s first doubles game, the Greens stressed the importance for players to keep an eye on how they spend their last two catches.

We have to be smart with the last two checks we received, we have to be very smart with our money.

Mr Green stressed the importance for the players to manage their money intelligently and economically. As long as they make millions of dollars, it’s easy for them to blow up the money like it’s nothing.

Although they have already received their last NBA salaries this season, it can be seen that many of them are actually struggling (in terms of finances).

It’s a good reminder of Greene, not just for the NBA players, but for all of us. With the closure of companies and businesses across the country, many people may lose their jobs or be left without pay for weeks because of their age.

It is a dark time for the sports world and the world in general, and it is important not to lose sight of the important things while we wait for the end of this storm.