Na de aankondiging dat directeur Matt Reeves van plan is om de Joker ergens in de voorgestelde Batman-trilogie te introduceren, gingen de fans naar sociale netwerksites om te kiezen wie de Crime Prince clown voor Dark Knight Robert Pattinson zou moeten spelen. It goes without saying that there is the same level of excellent and ridiculous decisions and some pretty crazy options that the Joker would absolutely approve of.

As expected, Joaquin Phoenix, the star of the Joker and Oscar winner, will put on makeup again and fold his version of the super villain in the world of Batman Reeves. Otherwise we shout loud enough for Pattinson’s co-star, Willem Dafoe, to take the smile back.

POWERFUL: The Batman trilogy is supposed to be a brand new joker.

With Willem Dafoe, the criminal clown prince, there is a lot of love for the star. I’m sorry I bothered you and Knives for LaQuit Stanfield to sacrifice green hair and confuse the whole town of Gotham. Over the past ten years Stanfield has proven that it is able to play with different characters and it would have been a very interesting and somewhat unexpected choice for the Joker.

But if none of these actors suit you, then this fan has a very unique idea that will certainly push Pattinson’s game to the limit.

Would it be crazy enough to work? Maybe. After all, Batman and Joker have always been two sides of the same coin, it’s the basis of their whole relationship. So, who better to play both characters than the same person?

DC Comics fans also saw stars like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean, Guest and Beauty and the Beast Dan Stevens and even the former Batman villain Jim Carrey.

Others watched existing live versions of The Joker, and some called for Gotham star Cameron Monahan to fold up on the big screen Batman. Although it’s hard to imagine that this isn’t confusing…

With the exception of Monaghan, some fans seem a little tired of all the remakes and propose Matt Reeves to bring back one of the versions of the Joker that we already have.

Other names that appear on all social networks, such as potential jokers, include computer stars and the experienced evil clown Bill Skarsgaard, his brother and star of the western world Gustav Skarsgaard and the bohemian actor Rhapsody Rami Malek, who will show his solidarity with the villain in the upcoming Bond No Time to Die adventure.

Finally, one of the fans has an even crazier idea than playing both roles of Pattinson.

Although there are few specific details about the Batman story at the moment, Matt Reeves said a few years ago that the film would be a story based on noise, highlighting Bruce Wayne’s detective skills that were rarely seen in previous films. What we know about this story is that Batman began his career as a hero of the same name at the beginning of the fight against crime. There is also compelling evidence that the story is based on a fan graphic novel entitled Long Halloween, in which Batman tracked down a serial killer and met many of his cult enemies along the way.

Besides Robert Pattinson as the crusader in the area, the other actors are Zoe Kravitz in Catwoman, Paul Dano in Riddler, Colin Farrell in Penguin, Andy Serkis in Alfred Pennyworth, John Turturro in Carmina Falcone, Peter Sarsgard in Gil Colson and Jeffrey Wright in Inspector Gordon. Batman’s release is scheduled for the first. October 2021 is planned.

The rumor about the Joker was reported by the director.

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