Ace Capital organises the world’s first block chain and crypto summit powered by Deftify, Tokenz limited and Despace

Ace Capital organises the world’s first block chain and crypto summit powered by Deftify, Tokenz limited and Despace

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New Delhi (India), April 9: Ace Capital Ventures an online crowdfunding incubator for blockchain startups organises the world’s first blockchain and crypto summit 2022 in Goa, which brings together the most powerful voices in the global blockchain and crypto space in association with Deftify, Tokenz limited, and Despace protocol.

The summit connects global blockchain gurus and technology players in this space including emerging startups – with regional businesses, government authorities, IT leaders, tech entrepreneurs, investors, and blockchain developers.

It was a thought-leadership-driven summit that brings together the most important stakeholders from the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem such as investors, blockchain and crypto projects, exchanges, enterprises, government representatives, technology leaders – to discuss and deliberate the future of the industry and the revolutionary ways it can transform businesses and government functions.

The summit also features a pitch competition for startups from across the world that are preparing to launch and also for those who are already established and want to expand their business.

The event was focused on Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, the Metaverse, and their wide-reaching effect on commerce, culture, and communities. Ace Capital, the world’s first blockchain and crypto summit 2022 provide an unparalleled networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, governments, developers, industry enthusiasts, and global media.

Manu Prashant, Director Tokenz Limited, share his insights on the transformative power of blockchain innovations, the transition to mass adoption of crypto, and said, “It is our pleasure to support the world’s first blockchain and crypto summit 2022 here in the Goa, at a time when everyone in the region can feel the charge in the crypto space. Tokenz Limited is dedicated to backing meaningful innovations that empower their users and exploring use cases for blockchain technologies across verticals, and the summit brings together the best thinkers and makers that the industry has to offer.”

Talking about the future fundraising plan, Deftify advisor, Jaswant Kumar says, “Today, almost everything is becoming digital, and new concepts are quickly emerging, one of them being non-fungible tokens. NFTs are the hottest acronym on the art market right now. They are culturally significant and collectible objects in their own right, many buyers are also treating them as an investment, speculating on their rising prices. NFTs can be bought and sold, but do not come in a tangible form.”

“We are excited to see interest from global investors. Deftify is in a space that can absorb large investments for market penetration. We are already in the process of raising a larger Pre-Series A round and expanding the business footprint across the globe” he added.

Considering the growing interest of millennials and Gen-Z in the digital assets segment, Ace Capital Ventures, Founder, Anoop Mittra said, “The best high-level explanation for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is that they’re unique certificates of authenticity and ownership represented in a digital format. Through our documentation and research, we emphasize the need of building an environment that promotes trust and transparency so that investment risks are reduced. Having built a platform that promotes these principles will attract investors and encourage them to prefer our solution for investments over the competition. Ace Capital provides an innovative ecosystem as a new approach to conventional crowdfunding platforms so that it promotes three core values: trust, transparency, and cybersecurity.”

CEO and Co-Founder of DeSpace, Obasi Francis says, “Not only celebrities, content creators, artists, influencers, and gamers, but now businesses are also more than ever looking to monetise their digital assets. They are seeing how NFTs are creating value for their business. DeSpace’s aim is to empower everyone to create wealth with ease by launching their own NFT marketplace on a global stage.”

The blockchain and crypto summit 2022 also includes the launch of exclusive NFTs of big stars under Despace — a multi-chain DeFi and NFT protocol powered by DeChain blockchain. As of now, Karishma Kotak, Nyrraa Banerji, Nishant Malkhani, Daisy Shah, Archana Gupta unveiled their NFTs on the occasion with the DeSpace and allow their fans to buy NFTs on the platform.

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