An exclusive sneak peek of Mr Vijay Kumar Jain’s Vaastu Express

An exclusive sneak peek of Mr Vijay Kumar Jain’s Vaastu Express

July 18: Are you purchasing a house? Or are you setting up your business in a new place? Do you face problems in your business, health or relationship? This is probably because of the Vaastu imbalance in your residence or site. The one person who could help you with solving your problems is Mr Vijay Kumar Jain, who is a Vaastu expert certified by Belford university. His company is named Vaastu express, which operates all over India.


1. Could you please tell us something about you, sir?

I am a Vaastu consultant, and I have been working in Calcutta for over 15 years. Vaastu Express is the name of my company, and we work throughout India. We work in all fields of Vaastu, Maha Vaastu, Vedic Vaastu and Pyramid Vaastu. I have done a course on Vaastu and numerology from Belford University in 2007. I also acquired the 1st rank there. I have done more than 1000 residents’ Vaastu, and the maximum number of clients have been satisfied with my work. We have seen many results within 3-4 days, and we give minimal and affordable remedies so that anyone can perform those. We want to reach the maximum part of society and give them Vaastu solutions, and we do not believe inexpensive remedies. We have every kind of possible client, like residences, hotels, hospitals, medical chambers, factories, restaurants, etc. We work in any and every aspect and provide solutions at a very affordable price.


2. What is Vaastu?

You know about the five elements, air, water, fire, earth and space. This is what makes the universe and us. Vaastu means to balance the five elements in your home. Just like your body faces problems if there is an imbalance in Vaastu, the same way your house, workplace or factory can also have these imbalances and thus cause a problem. We need to find out what element is imbalanced. Only then can we find the solution. When we find the solution and implement it, our life and business become successful. Suppose you have a disbalance in the water element, and it is less. How will you understand it? For that, we do a 360-degree analysis of the Vaastu. We divide the site into 16 zones, and each of them has different attributes. For example, North is the space for money so suppose there is a disbalance there, there is an anti-element like a toilet, then you will find the problem is finding money and business opportunity. When we divided the 16 zones, one zone is 22.5 degrees which the naked eye won’t understand, so for that, we make layouts of 5 different times and make you understand the disbalance, we visit the place then, and after finding the exact problem, we give you the solution. This is like doing an MRI of your body. We find the exact problem like business, relationship or health and give you the exact solution.


3. How many types of Vaastu are there?

Vaastu is the only one which comes from Vedas, but then a lot of knowledgeable people have discovered and divided Vaastu into different types. Someone do Pyramid Vaastu, someone does Vedic Vaastu, and some do Maha Vaastu, but basic Vaastu is the same, which has come from the Vedas, but the solutions are different for all.


4. What is your speciality, and why should people come to you?

Normally when people do Vaastu analysis, they only focus on Vaastu, and it’s not likely that they do it after dividing the Vaastu into 16 zones. I do Vaastu divided into 16 and 32 zones which gives you a detailed analysis, and your exact problems get solved. We analyse your problem at first, and then we solve it. Our Vaastu is completely solution-based. When I do Vaastu, I add numerology and graphology to it. I have done an advanced course in graphology from Canada, which is one of the world’s top graphology institutes. We do correction of your signature and handwriting, which helps you in getting positive results fast and easily.


5. What is Graphology? Could you please elaborate on it.?

Graphology is a very important concept; it is handwriting analysis. When you write something, the brain controls it. So, if you think about it, it’s your brain which is sending you signals, which then convert into your writing. You can say that this is “brain-writing” or an X-ray of your brain. To give you an example, kids, people say that “this kid is just like his dad” or “this kid is just like his mom” or “this kid reflects someone else’s personality” why do you think it happens? A kid who learns a letter from his mother, her characteristics and qualities associated with that letter comes to him. A kid who learns his letters from his dad, his characteristics associated with those letters reflect on him. Sometimes when he learns his letters from a teacher, her characteristics associated with those letters come to him. So, with handwriting, we do kid’s career counselling and even employee career management. If you show me an employee’s handwriting, I can tell you which line will be good for him, if he is a procrastinator, if he is a liar, if he is punctual and a lot of other details.


6. What are some Special facts about Graphology?

A special fact about graphology is that if you hand write 1 page daily, then I can guarantee that you will never have any problems related to memory loss or any kind of brain-related problems. One example could be that we all have seen doctors prescribe medicines, whatever his /her age maybe after he has diagnosed your problem, he immediately prescribes you the medicine without taking any time thinking about it, you will never find a doctor who has died because of a brain haemorrhage. This is a tip for you. If you write a page daily, for example, your diary, then you will never get a brain problem. After thorough research in the US, it was seen that there was a huge difference between children who did smart classes and who did regular handwritten classes. Now they have stopped using smart classes majorly and have returned to original ways of teaching.

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