Bas Kooijman – sharing over 7 years of trading experience as an experienced entrepreneur

Bas Kooijman – sharing over 7 years of trading experience as an experienced entrepreneur

February 3: When you look at this entrepreneur “Bas Kooijman”, the first thing that comes to our mind is that he must be another coach offering his services online, but to our surprise Bas Koojiman is one the youngest self made millionaires traveling between Lithuania, the country he calls home, and Dubai coaching whoever crosses his roads. Mr. Kooijman was always interested in entrepreneurship and this led him to start working at the young age of 11 as a website developer for small businesses. Thereafter at the age of 16, he opened up his own company on his birthday. After working in the IT and Telecom sector he got naturally attracted to the finance departments goals and tasks and started to educate and train himself in the FOREX markets. Mr. Kooijman sold his Telecom wholesale business in the year 2015 and changed his career towards a Full time trader and forex market educator.

Shortly after his skills were internationally recognized he started trading as a financial market trader on the Go live streaming Platform. He streamed his morning sessions for the IM Academy and received an amazing response. On an average more than 3000 people joined his sessions to learn from him.

Currently Bas Kooijman is trading every Monday for the public with his “Monday Market Overview” on Trading view where he shares his ideas and suggestions on the Forex and Metals market for the upcoming week. On his live sessions he also shares what he is planning to trade himself on that day or that week. People watching him from around the world take his tips and tricks and are able to purchase his trading software on to have the sharpest edge in the markets.

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When people from ordinary families make money through his live sessions, it is a moment of immense happiness for Mr. Kooijman. Recently he has also started giving one on one private lessons for people who want to make it big in the Forex Market. Together with the client of that day he trades for 2-3 hours and squeezes as much profit out of the markets. Here is the link for booking a session, even that they are mostly sold out 2 months in advance.

This gifted entrepreneur and forex market trainer believes that to be successful consistency is the key. He is a firm believer of a great morning routine to start the day. “Having Discipline in life serves a long way, if you are focused and work with determination and consistency then there is nothing in the world which you can’t achieve.” Says Kooijman.

He has more than 220k followers on his instagram where he actively shares pictures of his travel and career journey. He also shares details about his seminars and sessions there. If you ever wish to have a financial market coach then Bas Kooijman is the one!