BCL T20 League – Abhay Singh has Bought “Arrah Avengers”

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh [India] : Abhay Singh, who is the owner and founder of Abhay Raj International has bought a team named Arrah Avengers in BCL T20 league. The Bihar Premier League (BCL) is a very professional League for T20 Cricket Tournament organized in Bihar. BPL works with the format of a franchise-system based on the American way of hiring players and transfers. The Franchises put for auction, in which the higher won the rights of the team and became the owner, that represents each city (District or zone). It has started in Bihar to encourage the young talents to contribute their part in the field of cricket.

Hence we all know that there are many hidden talents in the nook and corner of Bihar, and to nourish as well as flourish such talents, BCL is playing a key role. Being a former cricket player Abhay Singh has been working for this for the last 5 years and he continues to work for the young cricketers and talents of Bihar. He believes that from the initiative taken by BCL, there will be enormous development and changes in Bihar.

Apart from this, he is also running his own company “Abhay Raj International (ARI-MED)” which deals with the production of sanitisers and face-mask. This is one of his contributions to the development of Bihar.