Dr. Dilip Donekar changing the dynamics in the Naturopathy world

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: When we look around ourselves today, we find a world that has been changed by what is today known as a global health pandemic. The change it has brought across all parts of the world in ways more than one proves that humans need to be more aware of their lifestyles, immunity, nutrition, and health overall. It has put light on the significance of all these things more than ever, making people realize how important it is to maintain a healthy body and a lifestyle to battle viruses like COVID-19. Health is a subject so vast that many experts have already spoken a lot about it; however, even after knowing many things and learning new things about it each day, people repeat their mistakes and fail to understand what they really need to do to take care of the same. Fortunately, we came across a passionate and diligent doctor who specializes in the area of naturopathy and through his innovations and practices in the same has changed the lives of many of his patients for the better; he is Dr. Dilip Damodhar Donekar, originally from the Chindwara district, MP and currently from Nagpur, Maharashtra, where he operates his hospital named ‘DGC Naturopathy and Cancer Care Center’.

Naturopathy serves as the drugless discipline of alternative medicine which has from the past few years, especially, gained great momentum as it makes use of natural remedies for helping the body to heal itself. It considers food and the natural environments as its medicine and also a healer capable of treating any kind of disease. It is the most natural and non-invasive methodology of alternative medicine that leads to self-healing and Dr. Donekar through his years of expertise in the same known to have cured many diseases and given a new disease-free life to his patients.

Born in 1980, Dr. Donekar belonged to a simple family but got inclined towards the medical field, taking inspiration from his father, who was also a doctor. However, Dr. Donekar aimed to take up Naturopathy for his career to treat patients with his herbal and natural treatments. Today, he has earned an international status for his unique treatments in Naturopathy.

He has become a master in Cancer and heart treatments with Naturopathy and has earned recognition not just in India, but many other parts of the world like the UK, USA, UAE, Australia, and several other countries.

Looking at the upheaval caused by COVID-19, Dr. Donekar came up with his innovative Naturopathy treatments with herbal medicines and many of his patients have also been cured by the same. His hospital situated in Nagpur called DGC Naturopathy and Cancer Care Center is considered to be the best in India and across Asia, where many medical students from all over the world have come to the center for internship.

So far, this incredible doctor has been the recipient of several national and international awards for his contribution to the world of Naturopathy and has achieved the status of the best Naturopathy and Cancer Care doctor in Asia. His innovations in Naturopathy have imprinted his name in the Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records.

For treatments in Cancer, Dr. Donekar has been sharing his knowledge with people through his interviews all year round. Also, most of his patients who have cancer and HIV have been cured by Dr. Donekar with his Naturopathy treatments.

Dr. Dilip Donekar has, in many ways, changed the dynamics in the Naturopathy world with his natural and herbal treatments and has given a new healthier life to all his patients.

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