Eresource lands in West Africa with an ERP system that is long awaited!

Eresource lands in West Africa with an ERP system that is long awaited!

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“Unexplored African business industry gets a boost with new ERP system” says Sudheer Nair, CEO, Eresource ERP

May 18: Eresource ERP, India’s leading ERP solutions provider has entered the African market two years ago and has become a known name to reckon with amongst the African business fraternity.

According to one of the recent studies, the Middle East and Africa enterprise resource planning market is deemed to progress at a CAGR of 6.33% during the forecasted period 2022-2028.  Africa is a resource-rich continent which has seen a phenomenal growth in sales in commodities, services, and manufacturing. The Sub-Saharan Africa is anticipated to reach a GDP of $29 trillion by 2050. The whole continent represents a huge opportunity for ERP software. The market has been for a long time neglected due to a lack of stability, growth and infrastructures, especially regarding the Internet access. A big portion of African businesses are still running with the home-grown legacy system or even using manual processes.

Mr. Sudheer Nair, CEO, Eresource ERP said “It is almost two years since eresource entered the African market. In this short period of time, we have been able to create a platform where we could stand confidently and say that we are the leading ERP players in the African markets today. Why we have chosen African region followed by Middle Eastern countries is that we have found that ERP market in Africa is unexplored and there is a vast scope of business improvement in this region. At last, with eresource ERP system, many of the business establishments from Nigeria and Ghana have found business application that they could rely on for their business excellence.”

Mr. Sudheer Nair further said “Of late every industry segment in the African region are realizing, the importance of having an enterprise solution as their business solution as it helps them to gain constant access to integrated business operations across any location. Another reason to adopt ERP solution is to enhance employee efficiency and improving financial management and connectivity with stakeholders. Construction, manufacturing, food and beverage, and logistics are the most preferred sectors for ERP deployment.  For the last two years, many companies from above sectors have adopted ERP solutions to manage operations efficiently. For instance, a number of companies from the earlier mentioned industrial segments has chosen eresource ERP system and its various products viz., Xcel for Manufacturing,  nfra ERP for Construction and Contracting,  eTrade for Trading & Distribution as their business solution.”

Speaking on the expansion plan across African markets, Mr. Sudheer Nair further said “Though eresource has its customers all over the African countries, currently we are focusing on Nigeria and Ghana ERP market. We have plans to open our business offices across all over the African countries in the very near future. It was during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic that we realized businesses in African region are suffering due to lack of a proper business solution. The advantage of having an ERP system like eresource is, the system allows everyone from the decision makers to the clerical staff to work from anywhere anytime. It was a big advantage for companies in countries like Nigeria and Ghana where company management has a limited resource to run their business. The prime aim of  eresource was to help companies with limited financial resources to manage their business efficiently within their limited financial budget. eresource as a company that has served many companies in India and UAE under the similar situation, the African business environment was an easy turf to play on. Maybe that could be the prime reason why eresource as an ERP system provider has succeeded in these African countries where other big players in the ERP market have failed. Today, eresource has established itself as the first choice for an ERP system amongst business fraternity in this region and we are hoping to grow further along with customers in region.”

In places like Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda several companies under the manufacturing, logistics and construction industry segments are striving to advance operations to gain a competitive edge. Today, every company in the African region is keen to meet customer demands primarily driven by digital transformation. This objective ultimately leads to the deployment of the enterprise resource planning solution.

Further, the manufacturing sector in the African region is gaining significant growth due to the growing demand of locally manufactured products.  Along with manufacturing the other sector which is gaining momentum is the Logistic industry. Several logistics companies track the shipment in real-time to ensure timely delivery and avoid damage. As per estimates, container port traffic is expected to witness growth in the upcoming years as ERP solutions are essential in managing traffic. Hence, the logistics sector development is likely to fuel the progression of the enterprise resource planning market. Construction industry also showing an encouraging growth in Africa and ERP solution plays a big role in their operational efficiency that enables to complete the project on time within its stipulated budget.

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