Karam Batth explains the delay in releasing ‘Padma Shri Kaur Singh’

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Ever since actor Karam Batth announced his next film – a biopic on legendary boxer and Padma Shri winner Kaur Singh – people are eagerly waiting for its release. However, the film is getting delayed for some reason or the other.

Looking at all the anticipation of the ‘Padma Shri Kaur Singh’ movie not releasing in 2021, Karam has come forward to talk about the movie and its tentative release date.

“We have been working on the movie for the last three years. First of all, it took a lot of time to finalise the scripts because we didn’t want to compromise on the facts. And when finally we started shooting, coronavirus pandemic halted the production and post-production. Now, when we are done with everything, the situation isn’t really good to release a regional movie like this,” informed Karam.

“If we talk about Punjabi movies specifically, their main market is in Australia, North America, and England. And since the condition is only getting worse in those parts of the world, we cannot expect to release the film any time soon,” he further stated, adding, “As far as India is concerned, regional movies do not find as many consumers as they should. Secondly, even if the theaters open today, there are so many movies on hold that at least 6 films will release in a week.”

Karam said, they are being patient about it and want the movie to release on a big scale. “Many people don’t know but Punjabi movies earn more than 90% of the Hindi movies in North America. We want our film to release overseas first, followed by India.”

After its release, Karam informed, they will work on the Hindi remake of ‘Padma Shri Kaur Singh’. It’s a one-of-its-kind movie. I am confident that people will thoroughly enjoy it. So once we will be done with the Punjabi version, we will start working on its Hindi Remake.