Meet NK Ratudi, a man helping many in the country to overcome their speech impediment with the power of public speaking

Meet NK Ratudi, a man helping many in the country to overcome their speech impediment with the power of public speaking

February 3: Demosthenes, the great Greek orator used to practice his passion for public speaking with pebbles in his mouth as a means of overcoming a speech impediment. Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who suffered from glossophobia, a fear of public speaking, noted “Of all the talents bestowed upon men, none is so precious as the gift of oratory. He who enjoys it wields a power more durable than that of a great king.”

Leading with a similar zeal and mission, NK Ratudi, India’s top trainer and coach for public speaking and founder of NK Rataudi Public Speaking Club India is helping many to overcome their fear of effective public speaking.

“I am on a mission to empower more than one lakh people each year through public speaking and helping them with the tools and techniques to express their ideas, thoughts, and views and touching people’s lives by speaking fearlessly without hesitation, nervousness and fear to achieve success in life,” said NK Ratudi, Founder of NK Ratudi Public Speaking Club India.

He (Ratudi) has organised a public speaking workshop where the participant will be given free session on February 5. At this workshop, participants will have a chance to enhance public speaking skills irrespective of any language or speaking abilities, expressing views confidently, sharing ideas and thoughts in front of the audience, building impressions on a stage, learning methods to connect with people, tips and techniques for grabbing the attention of people.

A lovable father and a husband of an awesome woman, Ratudi is a mechanical engineer with 20 years of vast experience in working with corporate multi-national companies such as Simon India, Jacobs Engineering, Dosan Power, and Bechtel Corporation.

Ratudi’s club offers public speaking, personality development, and presentation skills courses. This helps individuals in developing confidence through speeches, debates, GDs, PPT presentations, role plays, and much more. Individuals can also improve their English and communication skills through this.

Participants are also trained in time management, leadership, etiquette. They train speakers to express and impress in multiple communication domains such as Public Speaking, Debating, Inter-personal Skills, Interviews, and National Examinations including Project Work (Oral Presentation).

According to Ratudi, his journey on the mission of effective public speaking started during his stint with the Korean Multinational company, Dosan Power in 2011. The company organised  an event called ‘Harmonisation Day’ where he was given a chance to address the audience for 10 minutes. Much to his dismay, he could not make it and ended his speech in flat 45 seconds.

“I ran away from the event. That day, I could not sleep and keep on thinking why I could not face the audience. I could not go to the office for two to three days. At the office, my colleagues were staring at me, maybe they were thinking of the event where I could not speak well. Then I surfed the internet, where I came to know about public speaking as I had never done it before” said Ratudi.

“I went on reading a lot of books on public speaking and joined some institutes. However, I came across the Toastmasters Club, a U.S-based organisation where I got many awards and from here my journey on the path of public speaking started with a bang” added Ratudi.

After excelling in the public speaking field, Ratudi got promoted in his company and went on to join another multi-national company. During his journey, he knew there were scores of people like him who need his support in becoming effective public speakers.

Ratudi said, “Due to Covid-19 infused lockdown, I could not meet people. One of my students guided me to start an online journey in the public speaking field. In September-2020, we went online and started connecting with people to shed their fear in public speaking. We got astounding results and then I started my own NK Ratudi Public Speaking Club.”