O-LOCKER : India’s leading Jewellery Insure tech start up for jewellery buyers

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]:  Your jewellery is not only a thing of beauty, but also one of your most valuable assets. Jewellers as well as Jewellery Buyers are always worried about the safety of their jewellery, against the risk of loss due to snatching, burglary, etc. We all take utmost care of our jewellery items, even by putting them in our bank lockers. However, we simply ignore the fact that jewellery kept in Bank lockers also does not guarantee its safety with rising number of cases of bank lockers being broken.

And this is when it triggers! This is when we get even more worried about our jewellery!!


That’s where niche insure tech players like O-Locker come in!!

O-Locker is a powerful tool designed for every Jewellery owning Indian. O-Locker provides subscription services with built in custom insurance plan that protects jewellery owners from losses due to a lot of common place situations like theft, robbery, natural calamities etc.,in turn, giving them the freedom to wear Jewellery with peace of mind.

Milind Shethia,  Co-founder & CMO at O-Locker, says : At O-Locker, we believe Women if given an option, would wear and Flaunt their Jewellery rather than just keep it in a safe. Our comprehensive insurance program provides them the freedom to do precisely that. Additionally, we provide a few very well thought out and intuitive tools like Jewellery portfolio management, market value tracking, digital document locker and will creation tool for a Jewellery owner.

Services at O-Locker have been designed in a user friendly way allowing its user an easy access to their O-Locker  Account with claim registration and tracking features. Additionally, they can digitize their entire Jewellery portfolio, record its whereabouts & track market value as well keeping in linewith daily changing gold prices.

Once you have bought a jewellery covered with O-Locker subscription you can avail all these services at a click of button at www.olocker.in .


1) Jewellery Insurance compliments and supplements the trust of Jewellery’s purchase value, by providing an insurance equivalent to its invoice value.

2) The insurance plan covers the losses to jewellery while its being used by immediate family members of the jewellery buyer.

3) Jewellery retailers are of view that they are offering something very meaningful to their customers. In fact, the novelty value of insurance has helped them, by generating a very strong word of mouth publicity. At the same time, offering value added services is in sync with demand of current times and trends where new-age buyers assign a lot of value to After Sales service features like Insurance.

Why Jewellers  are offering  O-LOCKER Jewellery Insurance for Free:

Gold jewellery hallmarking is now compulsory. With all retailers offering hallmarked jewellery, promise of pure jewellery is no more a compelling selling point for retailers. With plethora of exhibitions and opening up of jewellery trade, even the designs are more commonly available across many retail stores now.

Hence, in order to regain and maintain competitive edge, retailers are willing as well as forced to offer good customer experience and services demanded by new age buyers. What better than O-locker then, as it ensures safety of customer’s Jewellery and allows her to experience her jewellery in its fullest. With a large number of settled claims & happy jewellery buyers, O-Locker has established its utility credentials already.

Responsible And Smart Jewellers are giving O-Locker Jewellery Insurance complimentary  to their customers with jewellery purchase. These retailers have understood the emotional connect which women have with their jewellery. With O-Locker’s promise of safety they can claim that they care for their customers well-being long after they have left their store. With rising gold prices, this promise of safety is certainly worth its weight in gold. As a matter of fact, many claimants have re-purchased jewellery from the same retailers out of the claim money received by them.

With the Plug and Play platform developed by O-Locker, for offering Jewellery Insurancethis facility is now easily available for every customer focused retailer irrespective of his size.

With over

98% claims settled  | 850+ Retail partners | 600000+ Policy Holders | 18 States Covered

And 3000 Cr+ insured Jewellery  value

The Co-Founders,  Manish Ranka  & Milind Shethia,  are constantly innovating and aim to bring more unique features and services for the Jewellers& jewellery buyers.