One Kemmanite, many visions, the heart and brain behind Coastal Vibes – Aral Aldrin John D’Souza

One Kemmanite, many visions, the heart and brain behind Coastal Vibes – Aral Aldrin John D’Souza

February 22: Aral is a vibrant youth hailing from Kemmannu – Udupi District , Karnataka . He is currently based in Kuwait, working at a prestigious IT company and is a Philanthropist too. His story is especially interesting because, although he has been knocked down by life a couple times, and quite badly at it, he has emerged stronger and better every time.  As a child he faced health issues, culture shift from switching countries a couple times, and as a youth he indulged in unhealthy choices and habits, and had lost his way. Therefore, it is safe to say that he has faced a fair share of turmoils in life. But his life changed principally following  his car accident in the year 2015 wherein he sustained injuries and had seriously wounded part of his face, his recovery from the incident took a toll on him and had to quit engineering half way through. However, he chose to not give up, he forged on and transformed his life. Today, he has completed his Masters in Computer Application and is the Founder of the famous Coastal Vibes organization. It is one thing to have to build a life, but it is a whole different story to rebuild one’s life on the ruins of the past.

Aral has many feathers in his cap. Prior to his online venture he was an active participant in his church parish and has secured many laurels for his diocese. He started out by being the parish president of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) organization and went in to taking up the role of Personal Relational Officer (PRO) of Udupi Diocese , Deanery President of Kallianpur, Udupi diocese all under the Indian catholic Youth Movement. This organisation held summits for likeminded youth and Aral has These titles have rendered him with leadership and visionary skills which helped pave the way for Coastal Vibes.

Aral has a prolific background of emceeing, event organizing, leader and so on. His extensive experience in various areas from his childhood have shaped his many commendable attributes. He calls himself “a Jack of all trades but a master of none” and he truly is. He carries out his tasks and responsibilities with utmost care and devotion. And while he may have not mastered it all, he truly does justice to his responsibilities and ambitions.

Today, Coastal Vibes is a strong media presence and host to numerous community building events. The idea behind this venture is to inspire and uplift the south western coast of Karnataka . The project started out as a mere hobby that has now evolved into a full fledged multifaceted organization that aims to showcase the extraordinary achievements of coastal Karnataka . The organization also facilitates philanthropic projects, networking junction, and community outreach, while embracing and perpetuating the cultures, traditions, food, art and other facets of the community. Coastal vibes was strongly influential during the initial days of the COVID 19 pandemic. This period affected the community adversely. As a lot of people were  facing financial issues and job losses, rendering them incapable of paying their mortgages, loans, or even affording meals for themselves, the organization rose to the occasion. They carried out various charitable undertaking and procured funds to help the needy, providing ration and medical assistance.

As the lockdowns were imposed this platform provided means of connection for artists, performers and businesses . They hosted over 100 artists and helped  boost their connections and opportunities. It was especially vital in connecting and relieving the community in a time of distress, confusion and disconnect.

He has successfully hosted numerous guests of excellence, Mangalorean RJ Errol, Vivek Cornelio, Walter Nandalike , Raj Deepak Shetty , Komal D’Souza, Aradhana Bhat , Ranjitha Lewis , Girish Shet and many more . These interviews have been a source of inspiration for many likeminded individuals. It also calls for admiration, recognition and appreciation from the viewers towards these extraordinary people.

Aral’s ultimate vision is to translate Coastal Vibes into a multidisciplinary connector. His primary intention is to shed the spotlight on the best of what the coast has to offer and connect the masses to it. But it doesn’t end there, Aral promises that Coastal Vibes has greater and more innovative plans for the future. One of them is to eventually establish a bistro that specializes in authentic and nostalgic  coastal cuisine served in the coastal style.

Costal Vibes is definitely the brainchild of Aral but he believes that his vision is far from completion without his support system. The organization thrives on the blood, sweat, and tears of a dynamic, creative and hardworking group that strives to make Coastal Vibes what it is.

Joy Gonsalves is the co- founder and marketeer, Johan Chris Lewis, the foreman, Sunny Antony D’Souza is the media manager, Rithik D’Souza the photographer and videographer, host and reporter, Alyn Mendonsa, Jenisha Jernis is another host and Rion is the editor of the team. Together, this team sets excellent media and journalistic standards.

Aral’s works have been widely appreciated and he has been recognized and felicitated by firms such as Max life insurance and Udupi Sanchalana.  Coastal Vibes intends to unify and glorify the south western coast and bridge the gap of diaspora.

Wishing him and his team All the Best Going Forward!

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