Prestigious Kempinski Group of Hotels will unveil the First Floating Sea Palace in 2023

Prestigious Kempinski Group of Hotels will unveil the First Floating Sea Palace in 2023

New Delhi (India), January 25: Dubai’s Sea Gate Shipyard, the most prominent developer of unique structures and the world’s largest ship and yacht building company, is constructing the first floating sea palace hotel. The luxurious floating palace hotel will be open next year.

It is just the beginning of 2022, and people are awaiting the launch of some exciting products and services in the upcoming days. The apple glasses, the satellites, and many other advanced technologies will soon be in the market to woo the audience. When it comes to technological advancement and development, the United Arab Emirates should not be overlooked. The Gulf Tiger has all the possibilities of growth and is one of the fastest developing countries in the middle-east. Dubai, the City Of Gold, has precisely made everything impossible. The Kempinski floating palace will adorn the aesthetics of the city and will no doubt leave the viewers stunned with its splendorous effects. After the project of Burj Khalifa, people are awaiting the grand opening of the floating palace.

Dubai, the high-tech metropolis, long known for outstanding achievements and attracting world tourism, has taken one more initiative to invite the world into its floating palace hotel. The grand twelve-luxury villas connected by pontoons are partly for sale and partly for rent by hotel guests and benefit from all the services offered at the hotel. The hotel is also the first asset-backed cryptocurrency created by FIT technology. The token issued for the project is FSP, which would be traded in various exchanges, and investors can use this for payment inside the floating palace.

Mohammed El Bahrawy, the CEO of Sea Gate Shipyard has come up with a statement that “digitization is the future, and we must comply towards technology. This project is an iconic project, and I thought we must apply the highest level of technology and use blockchain to our advantage.” He further mentioned, “I am so grateful to Bernold Schroeder and Kempinski Hotels for their trust. It is thrilling to see that for the first time, a brand of the caliber of Kempinski will manage a floating hotel of such magnitude, and we are confident that our hotel will soon be one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai. It will undoubtedly occupy an iconic position among floating hotels all over the world.” 

Ajit Singh Chaddha, the chairman of FIT technology, also stated that “the project is close to my heart as this is an entirely new endeavor. It tells us how strong the digital market is, and with an operator like The Kempinski, we know our investors and customers will experience luxury at its epitome.”

The luxury hotel rooms with large panoramic windows and all the technical features are designed with the high-quality and elegant design over two floors with a roof terrace and infinity pool, respectively twelve villas with two, three, or four bedrooms, crew and staff rooms, as well as indoor and outdoor living rooms. Villas are designed to be environmentally friendly and cruise at a maximum speed of six nautical miles.

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The Kempinski Group of Hotels, serving the world of tourism since 1897, is one of the finest and most fascinating hoteliers of Europe. Every hotel of the Kempinski is distinctive, designed to satisfy the customers who value their culture. As the oldest heritage hotel group on earth, it is renowned for its flawless service and outstanding hospitality, in addition to its exclusive and unique architecture. Founded in Berlin in 1897 as the Hotelbetriebs-Aktiengesellschaft, the group currently operates 78 five-star hotels and residences in 34 countries.

The innovative and astonishing floating palace has set an example in the world of tourism and has proved that nothing is impossible in Dubai. The Golden city of Dubai is always up for surprises, and with the opening of the beautiful first-class hotel palace, discerning guests can look forward to a jewel of a very special kind.

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