Raniga International Group to Give Relief of Debt Upto One Lakh Farmers

Madhya Pradesh, [India] : Debt in the life of farmers is the reason behind the death of the farmers. We all know that every year many farmers give up their life because of debt. Hence, the government has also announced major steps for the relief but being a citizen of India we all need to support our Annadatas. And keeping this thought of being a responsible citizen and to contribute for the betterment of the society, founder of Raniga International Group Mr P.S.Shukla has announced a measure to help farmers by giving relief of debt to over one lakh farmers till 31st March. This initiative has taken place from today in the state of Madhya Pradesh, where 11,000 farmers of Madhya Pradesh have been benefitted under this.

Well, the founder and team of Raniga will contact each of the government from the particular state to give this mission a kickstart in other parts of India as well. In this, almost 10,000 farmers from Maharashtra, 20,000 farmers from Uttar Pradesh, 7000 farmers from West Bengal and many more farmers from different parts of India who is underlying in debt will be helped using this measure.

From where does this money will come?

Almost INR 250 crore is needed to accomplish this mission and for this, anyone can contribute their part. Raniga have created a platform from where every one can donate some amount, and the person will get a net profit of 10 per cent of the do9nated amount as well. You can simply click on the given link and donate as much amount as you can: https://lnexim.com/donation-for-charity-purpose-10-of-net-profit/ to help one lakh farmers.

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