Rishi Bhel – A top-notch nutritionist and fitness coach

Rishi Bhel – A top-notch nutritionist and fitness coach

Rishi Bhel and his organization RBFWG are an excellent combination between nutrition and fitness, helping transform lives worldwide

New Delhi (India), February 18: The Covid-19 pandemic has brought health and fitness to the fore like never before. People are keen to become healthier and fitter, and helping them in this endeavour is top-notch nutritionist and fitness expert Rishi Bhel, the founder of RBFWG.

Rishi, who weighed over 100 kilos at one point before deciding he needed to get into shape and achieve an extremely high level of fitness, knows the difference being physically fit can make to one’s life and lifestyle. Over the past three years, he has helped thousands achieve a dramatic physical transformation to emerge as a respected and reputed fitness and nutrition expert, with fitter and healthier clients in India and all over the world.

Rishi Bhel is a true elite coach, and his knowledge surpasses so many health barriers that were believed to only resolve through medications and going through extreme side effects. He has treated many individuals where medicine failed, and only nutrition and workouts resolved health concerns from the grassroot level. These health concerns would be acidity, GERD, inflammation, PCOD/PCOS. Injury rehab, Parkinson’s disease, sports specific performance issues, etc and all treated with nutrition and workouts only.. He treats nutrition and workouts as medicine and has one of the best track records of helping others transform lives; His organization RBFWG has been rated five stars on Google and speaks volumes for his work.

Rishi, 38, adopts a scientific approach in both his nutrition and workout plans to help clients achieve their fitness goals. In an informal discussion with Rishi, he shared relevant views on health and well-being. “Whether the goal is losing weight, becoming fitter, or developing muscles, we rely on a scientific approach to help the client achieve it. Every person’s body and metabolism are unique. What works for one person might not for another. Hence, we prepare customized nutrition and fitness routines for everyone. This approach has delivered perfect results every single time,” explains Rishi, who has developed special expertise in training people with injuries and advanced level workout backgrounds.

Rishi believes automation of diet plans and non-human elements have somehow ruined the industry, whether nutrition or personal training. His views are as follows:

“Softwares will never be able to supersede a hardcore custom nutrition or workout plans. With an increase in medical conditions, especially lifestyle ailments, it has become imperative to review such details and provide a transformation plan accordingly.”

Coaching and mentoring is part of the job and the reason RBFWG uses a one-on-one consultative approach with each client, with Rishi himself doing the checking in calls.


Rishi is responsible for training individuals and developing a healthy workout regime for all clients, including educating them about healthy habits and creating a roadmap towards achieving a high fitness level. He also stresses the importance of having mental toughness, a never give up attitude, and a stress-free environment is a must to realize the goal of achieving better health and fitness. He also relates good health to personal and professional life.

Rishi serves clients in India and also in the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

“With all the latest technologies and tools available, physical presence is not required for providing personal training and coaching. I cater to clients from across the world, virtually from India. What is most satisfying is that the results are as good as in the case of personal coaching, which speaks volumes about our proven approach,” says Rishi, adding they are looking at expanding the client base and helping more people become healthier and fitter.

Rishi is a strong supporter of women empowerment, and many of his posts on social media come with the hashtag #womenpower. He believes if women are fit, they set an excellent example for the whole family. Incidentally, his mother was transformed too from 130 kg to approximately 85 kg. RBFWG has many women clients and has successfully transformed women’s health globally.

Rishi Bhel is a post-graduate in Clinical Nutrition from Amity University and a Certified Transformation Specialist and Personal Trainer from the International Sports Sciences Association, a Certified Sports Nutritionist from the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences, and a clinical psychologist Dietician.

If you aim to transform your health and set examples of great well being for your families and generations to come by review www.rishibhel.com  or email  support@rishibhel.com for any queries.