Star Imaging & Path Lab organised Women Health & Wellness Session for females of Legal Fraternity at Dwarka Court

Star Imaging & Path Lab organised Women Health & Wellness Session for females of Legal Fraternity at Dwarka Court

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New Delhi (India), May 24: Star Imaging & Path Lab along with the Welfare Partner Star Wellness & Care Foundation organized a Star Health & Wellness Camp at Dwarka District Court for Lady Advocates under Star Healthy India Mission. The campaign by Star Imaging focused on Women Wellness & their preventive care where diagnosis of Thyroid, Prevalence of Anemia, Bone Health Test & Consultation from Gynacologist, Physiotherapist, and Dietitian was provided for the females of Legal Fraternity. Along with it a Preventive Health & Wellness Session was also organised where Public Health Expert Dr. Sameer Bhati, Director, Star Imaging with Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Women Wellness Expert & Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj, Gynaecologist took Health Awareness Session and shared the Healthy ways of Living.

Dr. Sameer Bhati, Director, Star Imaging & Path Lab took a Mental Health Session where he apprised the audience about the importance and impact of Mental Health on one’s life. He shared how people have been able to fight the deadly Pandemic by their mental strength and how negative thoughts create hurdles in one’s life.

Talking about the Legal Professionals, he said apart from mental wellness we also need to improve our eating Habits as it has been observed that the people from legal fraternity with their busy schedule prefer junk food a lot and do not avail the healthy options & therefore it is important to feed our body with right nutrition that is for Mind, we need to imbibe more and more Positivity and for physical health one should work upon the eating Habits too. 

Dr. Nidhi Gupta, the Wellness Expert adored the hard work done by the Lady advocates by rushing from one court to another, taking care of family and working efficiently in legal world. Considering their hectic schedules, she shared the vital habits that all lady advocates must follow in order to work on Self care. She advised to wear sunscreen, have Few Almonds in the morning and include Yogurt in the diet. Due to being occupied and having long sitting hours of the legal professionals, she shared that the females must work upon their body postures, do the basic exercises & take small breaks between the work so as to avoid the stiffness in the body and have proper blood circulation. Dr. Nidhi further advised to undergo the Bone Health Test Offered by the Star Imaging at the Camp in order to know the numbers related to their Bone Health and take preventive measures for the same. In her closing remarks, having a life full of gratitude for all that one possesses was her lovely message to all the females at the session. Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj & Dr. Anita Jindal, the Gynaecologist shared the Women Preventive Care & Wellness Ways and guided the audience about how the health of families and communities are tied to the health of women and it is important to take care of it.

Talking about the Preventive Care Campaign, Dr. Sameer Bhati, Director, Star Imaging shared how a number of illnesses that affect women can actually be prevented with proper woman’s care as a priority. He said, “At each stage of a woman’s life, there are important preventative health care steps to follow in order to provide early detection of medical problems.” He along with the Panel of the Doctors invited all the females at the legal fraternity to take the Preventive Care Pledge & imbibe the idea of Preventive Care in their lifestyle. Dr. Sameer Bhati along with Members of Dwarka Court Bar Association Mr. B.D. Pandey, Treasurer, Advocate Shweta Tyagi, Lady Executive and Mr. Rahul Gehlot, Executive DCBA, Advocate Ratan Shukla and Advocate Amresh Yadav also launched a Cervical Cancer Screening Coupon and gifted the Complimentary Pap smear Screening facility to all the attendees. Dr. Nidhi Gupta beautifully explained the importance of the test and shared how the Cervix cancer which is treatable can be prevented at an early stage by early diagnosis and is a beneficial screening test for females.

Dr. Sameer Bhati, Founder of Star Wellness & Car Foundation shared that the Star Healthy India Mission will surely bring a positive impact on the Society and we will be able to inculcate the habit of Preventive Care through these Session by Star Imaging.

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