The Changing Room By Geetika Saigal Promises To Help Readers Survive & Succeed In Uncertain Times.

The Changing Room by Geetika Saigal

New Delhi [India], September 3: Just released one week ago, The Changing Room has already started to impact its readers and is riding at No.1 in Hot New Releases in its genre on Amazon India in the opening week itself. A new-world playbook, The Changing Room, shares with you how to evolve, stay relevant, and ride the wave of change in our uncertain modern times.

The author has interestingly dedicated the book to the year 2020. 2020 has left the work shaken up and changed in ways we had never predicted and were surely unprepared for. It’s made us question our very existence and realise the fragility of life. The author, a Thought-Leader of our modern times, was thus inspired to write a ‘new-world playbook’ that will help you to survive & succeed in uncertain times.

Spanning 10 Moves (in 10 Chapters), The Changing Room decodes the biggest questions that plague us and helps decipher the elusive answers in the most ingenious of ways. The author’s unique writing style, a contemporary mix of logic, science & personal stories, keeps the readers engaged and hooked till the very end.

The book introduces new & refreshing concepts to help the reader unlock the obstacles we all face in achieving success in our lives. From the Triangle of Mediocrity to the Toilet Flush Theory, the Loser Pit to the Magic Molecules, the Triple-S Formula to the Hustle Sack, the Lollipop Effect to Shape-Shifting, the Impact Paradox to the Jaw of Helplessness, and from the Inverted Pyramid to the Transformation Triangle; right up to the Success Sandwich, this book promises to be one crazy ride.

Using graphical representations, simple logic, and raw personal anecdotes, the book connects instantly with the readers who’re flocking to get their answers to the most fundamental questions we battle with every day – from “Why am I stuck?” to “Why is my life not going anywhere?”, from “What should I do after being hit by 2020?” to “How can I succeed like leaders do?”, from “Why and how should I take risks in life?” to “How do I literally transform my life and change my future?”.

The author, Geetika Saigal, is a 5 Time TEDx Speaker, a multi-award winning Success Coach and a Thought-Leader known for her unconventional, unapologetic & highly engaging style of writing speaking & coaching. A Global Corporate Leader turned Entrepreneur turned Writer-Speaker-Coach, her inspirational life journey has been featured in many top publications. Geetika’s 5 TEDx Talks have uniquely addressed critical modern-day topics – Embracing New Barriers, Defining Your ‘Me’ Brand, Reviving the Art of Reading, The Success Formula and Re-defining Your Reality.

Geetika’s debut book in 2018, ‘Finding Your G-Spot’ became an Amazon No.1 Bestseller, won multiple awards and put her on her new mission in life – to ‘Help You, Help Yourself’.  As a highly sought after Success Coach, she is now the Founder of Beeja Education. This award-winning platform combines the power of Online Courses, LIVE Sessions & Continuous Mentoring to empower you with the Mindset, Skillset & Habits needed to succeed in your professional journey. She’s the recipient of the All India Achiever’s Award, Indian Icon Award, Exceptional Women of Excellence Award & Women Super Achiever Award. In her career spanning over two decades, she has held Leadership Roles in multi-billion dollar technology companies in India & Overseas.

If you are struggling to make sense of the new world, are hungry for growth & success, and want to turn your life around and excel in the workplace, this is the book for you. In the author’s own words:

“The new world has new rules.

It’s time to decode them.

It’s time to embrace them.

It’s time to change.

Welcome to The Changing Room.”

It’s time YOU succeed in the new world.

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