Uplive: New-age celebrity-fan engagement platform

The live social streaming app that’s investing efforts to attract, incubate and train live streamers

New Delhi [India], July 2: Because of its growing popularity and ubiquity on social media and other digital platforms, live video streaming has become an important digital marketing tool and an essential part of people’s social lives. Among the most popular and effective uses of live video streaming sites is their power to bring events closer to audiences who cannot attend them, to raise brand awareness for companies, and to be a source of entertainment. In particular, India has become home to a large market of live streamers finding new ways to leverage the power and immediacy of live video streaming to achieve business or personal goals they have. Even Bollywood is shifting toward live streaming platforms with stars like Arshi Khan, Naina Singh, and Prince Narula joining Uplive.

Uplive is a live social streaming app that aims to revolutionize video content production and live chat software, allowing users to make new friends, both locally and globally. With 200 million registered users and 17 million streamers, it brings people together from different backgrounds and places, providing them with a place to enjoy their shared interests through live streaming, short videos, and messaging. Uplive helpfully translates speech and texts in real-time, enabling users to easily chat with each other even if they speak different languages; it currently supports real-time speech-to-text for 140 languages.

Uplive is also among the first emerging market live social apps to offer 3D, interactive visual effects powered by augmented reality (AR) technology and the first to offer in-app HTML5 games directly integrated with live streaming. Because of these unique and innovative features, Uplive has quickly become the #1 independent global live social platform.

Within the app, there are challenges, contests, and rewards to maintain user engagement. Uplive focuses on premium entertainment content; users can choose from dance, music, comedy, cooking, and other genres to showcase talents and connect with others. Uplive also supports streamers through a streamer training program, which rewards up-and-coming talent.

Uplive aims to support groups of content creators in different categories. According to Mr. Ahmad Mukhtiyar, Uplive’s India Marketing Manager, “There has been fast digitization of the country and there is rising demand for vernacular content by a majority of the internet users in India. Uplive caters to this demand by empowering creators to share stories and connect with like-minded communities. Uplive has the potential to become a clear growth hack for almost any brand, as they will be better positioned to form those invaluable connections with their clients. We are investing significant efforts to attract, incubate, and train live streamers, enabling the gig economy and rewarding young talent.”