Wanna understand Korean and Kdrama? Meet Entrepreneur Korean Hoon the founder of Korean Hoon INC

Wanna understand Korean and Kdrama? Meet Entrepreneur Korean Hoon the founder of Korean Hoon INC

February 21: Are you a fan of Kdramas? Well, Korean Hoon INC can help you out. You can watch Kdramas without any trouble and without looking at subtitles.

Language is the backbone of any culture; it represents the whole image of a country and the traditions people follow there. Korean Hoon INC is a company that provides education of “Korean language” just like any international language, every language has its own importance and fan base. The most interesting thing about this company is that the teachers appointed here are very calm and patient. They understand that learning a different language is not easy for everyone, and this understanding makes them get connected with the person learning the language (Korean) Without making them feel troubled.

Korean Hoon (Lee Hoonseok) was born on 31st October, 1994. Entrepreneur Korean Hoon is a teacher, actor, creator, and the world’s most-followed Korean teacher. He is the CEO and the founder of the company Korean Hoon INC. Korean Hoon INC raised 10,000,000 won (around $84k) on its pre-seed round from the investment company Nextrans and Yun Jae Lee, the CEO of Zinus INC. The Company Korean Hoon initially received fame through TikTok by being a content creator and thereafter on Instagram in the year 2019. In the video, he used to correct the errors people make while speaking Korean. This went on for as long as 2 years. This company has always been famous for producing and providing entertaining teaching methods. “Having fun while learning makes it live long?” says Korean Hoon’s modus operandi.

The business development Director of TikTok Korea Junghyun Bae described Korean Hoon as “a creator who deliver information in a fun and easy way” in the TV show, and Tech Media NEWZ illustrated Korean Hoon as “The TikToker who amassed the biggest number of the followers as an information creator”. This company has been teaching since 2019, and their motive is to help the non-natives to understand Korean and become fluent Korean speakers. The company focuses on the understanding capability of their students and always tries to make learning fun. They have touched more than 2 million students worldwide through their TikTok and have an active student community of more than 7000 students.

With more than 222k followers on his Instagram, Korean Hoon is one of the rare talents who actually used his stardom to create something that is helping himself as well as the general public too. His Instagram is filled with short videos of him teaching Korean. You can book a Korean course on Korean Hoon INC by visiting their website https://www.hoon.world/.